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Labor Day lunch after the Woodland Park Zoo. #remberingthe206life #boats #summer2014 http://t.co/IBYhU35x64 http://t.co/GPgowXMSZU


I know it’s Bumbershoot, but when you have nothing to do next Saturday night - WHAMO! The Spinning Whips at the Lo-Fi!

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Future Coug pilot. #boeingmuseumofflight #aviator #rainysaturdays http://t.co/GAgIEjVqT3 http://t.co/CvIKmasfbe

Educational microloan non-profit Vittana shutting down - GeekWire

Really? No Vitanna http://t.co/4xw0EUUnSh

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Custom Phantogram hats from @NewEraCap are here and we’re giving the first one away! RT to win! Winner picked Sept 2 http://t.co/P65cCnLfxP

Y Combinator and The One Metric that Matters - GrowthHackers

"You SHOULD grow at least 7% a week. No excuse." http://t.co/1C0TSWh5BS

Snapchat Fetches $10 Billion Valuation

$10B 4 Snapchat.

I think there is a glitch in this matrix.

"…100 million people now use Snapchat every month" http://t.co/cgtwy1oVAa

Most smartphone users download zero apps per month

Yet most US smartphone owners download zero apps in a typical month, according to comScore’s new mobile app report.

Hello, Dave. I control your thermostat. Google's Nest gets hacked


"Hello, Dave. I control your thermostat. Google’s Nest gets hacked"

The Tinder of real estate: Seattle app-maker has one big advantage over Zillow - Puget Sound...

Pure @galenward

"we spend more time thinking about how we can do more for our customers"

Get Sh!t Done

I’m a pirate. Thanks @hnshah Get Sh!t Done http://t.co/ep2idSeA5T

What Facebook doesn’t show you

"Zuckerberg wants News Feed to be like a newspaper"

I just wanna know what’s going on.

The truth behind China’s Underground Wholesale Markets.

If you ever thought about doing business in China “Be serious” http://t.co/rlMnfjrk0s

Valleyball - a fantasy VC league

"Crowdsourcing valuation isn’t a new thing" http://t.co/Eu8Z5ELzUa

Valleyball - a fantasy VC league

"Crowdsourcing valuation isn’t a new thing" http://t.co/96B0nlFRHM